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My name is Christine. I’m 29 and I live on Long Island New York. I like to go out with my family and friends, go to the beach, run, work out, cook, bake, and I LOVE decorate!!

Before I had my narcissistic experience in 2011, I was unhappy with my weight, unhappy in life and had a low self-esteem. I first met my ex-narc at a Crossfit gym I decided to try to see if I could get into shape. The first day I went there I saw the most good looking man I’d ever seen. Prince Charming showed interest in me (of all people, ME!) he eventually got my phone number, and called me every single day and we spoke for hours. Everything I liked, he liked. We had so much in common. How could such a handsome perfectly polite man be so into me?! Once I found out he was married, I was crushed. “Of course he’s married!” – I thought to myself. So the fairy tale ended there, and so I thought. Only after knowing him about 5 months as friends  I told him that we probably shouldn’t continue to talk like we do since he was married and I was in a relationship myself. Little did I know the narcissistic supply I gave him far exceeded that from his wife and guess what? Just like that! He filed for divorce.  A week later they gave the dog away and within 6 months time house was sold, divorce was finalized, and he was all mine. Within those 6 months I started to see who he truly was, and I then spent 3 years of my life with the agony, the mind games, the hurt, anxiety, powerlessness, and deep down emptiness one experiences when dealing with a narcissist. How could this happen? How could someone so perfect, who left everything just to be with me be so cruel? How do I get my prince charming back and WHERE IS MY DAMN HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

When I realized what I was dealing with I starting researching narcissistic abuse and every word I read I thought to myself, this is my life. After ultimately reaching the decision to end the relationship, it took me 2 more years to get rid of him. Finally, I’ve been narc free for almost 2 years, in a relationship with a man who I adore and adores me in return, and I couldn’t be happier. I feel good about myself I work out, eat right, and I would never let anyone treat me the way my ex-narc did ever again.

I’d love to share my mental, spiritual, and physical transformation with you and inspire you in any way I can to become the best you you can be. My journey includes incredible self-healings that I will be sharing with you which helped me tremendously throughout my narcissistic abuse experience and even further to the happy loving person I today.

I have successfully escaped a Narcissistic Relationship after 5 years. The point of my blog is to help and support anyone who has experienced or is experiencing Narcissistic Abuse. Ultimately, I want to put an end to Narcissistic Abuse by raising awareness and providing support and empowerment to anyone seeking help to the best of my ability.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I cannot seem to get enough validation that I have been abused by my mother and my ex husband (for a week today) litterally all of my life. I’ve been reading and reading for years, but none of my personal friends have experienced what I have. My husband and now my ex can cause that deep fear, the fog and severe anxiety of ptsd. I am afraid and struggle to believe I can feel the freedom I have fought for.


    1. It’s really tough! It is definitely a healing process and it all starts with you! What I did was I took a look deep within myself.. asked what is this really about? I spent an endless amount of time trying to explain to everyone what he did to me isn’t he awful how could this happen. I never received the feedback I was looking for. But when I truly looked at myself, my life, I realized this isn’t even about him anymore so am I going to continue to let what’s happened continue to bother me now and tomorrow days and years from now? Without even speaking to him? That’s when I really did the healing and realized no one is going to change anything about how I feel besides me. Just like we can’t change how others act, we can only change ourselves. I just came to the point of surrendering, putting my walls down, giving up the fight of who did what and said to myself ok how can I fix what matters the most, which is me. Once you do that, u won’t need any validation from anyone else, you’ll already feel validated. Once you change, everything else changes.


  2. I’m not an expert on the topic by any means but what I can do is give you the information that helped me get there and hope it’s as useful for you as it was for me. I posted the link on the bottom of this comment to an amazing woman who I owe my life to! Honestly without her guidance I would still be stuck with the Narcissist. If you ever need anything I can definitely try to help you whatever way I can! Best of luck xo



  3. My name is Alissa Ferrante. I treated my ex boyfriend very bad and used him for money.

    When he left me, I started to stalk his younger, prettier new girlfriend. I even stalked them into a store and called his new girlfriend racial slurs.

    I can’t seem to move on. I’m on numerous dating sites and all the men are scared of me.


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