The Secret to Getting Over the Narcissist For Good

You can’t sleep. You lie in bed all night worrying, stressing, agonizing over what he is going to put you through next. You do know one thing for sure, as long as he is still mine, that’s all that matters. Even though he has made you completely miserable for days, weeks, even years, you cannot lose him. Whatever it takes – you are up for the challenge, despite the fact that he has already put you through so much pain over and over again that you would never stand for otherwise. But he is the one. Prince Charming. Your soulmate. That’s how you felt in the beginning. Everything was so perfect, likes dream come true. What happened? How did it all change? Did I do something wrong? And the biggest question of them all:
My name is Christine and the point of my site is to provide the answers to all these questions racing through your head. I will be sharing with you the secret to getting over the narcissist for good. I dated a narcissist for 5 years and I know the pain is like no other. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to offer help and guidance to anyone trying to let go of their narcissistic relationship and get going with the life you were meant to live.
Ultimately, let’s put an end to narcissistic abuse. This is my greatest goal. I’m willing to offer help and support to narcissistic abuse survivors in every and any way I can. Together, let’s provide our community with exactly what the narcissist has taken away from us – support, love, empowerment and awareness. Let’s expose the narcissist as the sociopath they are. Let’s stop narcissistic abuse.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I will be posting much more information but I need help/feedback from you. Post any comments, suggestions, tips or advice you have. Let’s do this together!

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting Over the Narcissist For Good

  1. In part it feels as if your advice is to leave a narcissist you must become one, I am a victim of narcissistic abuse and it continues as she denies access to my children now for over a year and well past my hospitalization to a stroke unit from this abuse, she even has the Judge in my court application wrapped arround her finger doing the same as she does and while im being bullied to death with my own children, tell me, how do I stop this abuser ?

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    1. Shoot, that sounds more like a custody battle in which case I do not have kids so I’m not sure how to answer this. I do know these situations can get much more complex then mine. But I do know that every single one of us has it in them to conquer this feat. And yes my advice seemingly does resemble acting like a narc yourself. But only to a narc. I can do this because I know they are not humans with souls. They don’t have feelings, so treating them exactly how a narc would treat us in turn makes us seemingly narcissistic, but the big difference is that we know we are not hurting feelings treating them like nothing, and if they did have feelings then we would obviously not treat them that way.


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