Why Are Toxic Relationships So Painful?

Did you know that the majority of people who suffer a toxic relationship never get over it? In fact, they often face debilitating psychological and health effects for years and sometimes decades after the relationship has ended.  There are some extremely rare individuals who just seem to be able to ‘get over it’ and moveContinue reading “Why Are Toxic Relationships So Painful?”

What is narcissistic abuse? And how can you heal?

Facts about narcissism: Narcissistic abuse can create so much loss, pain and destruction in every part of your world – your health, your wealth, your sanity, your family, your career … everything. International narcissistic abuse recovery expert, Melanie Tonia Evans, estimates that up to 16% of society is severely narcissistic. This is almost 1 inContinue reading “What is narcissistic abuse? And how can you heal?”

How Narcissists Draw You In By Identifying Your Gaps

Narcissists are very manipulative and they know how to draw you in and empty you out, sending you all the way to your demise. People believe that narcissists can target anyone. So if you believe this, I really hope today will help you understand that they can’t. Mind you, if you have been drawn inContinue reading “How Narcissists Draw You In By Identifying Your Gaps”

Proof the narcissist abuses you intentionally and will never change

Proof the narcissist abuses you intentionally and will never change Proof the narcissist abuses you intentionally and will never change — Read on narcwise.com/2018/03/02/proof-the-narcissist-abuses-you-intentionally-and-will-never-change/

Are you dealing with a Narcissist?

Take the Quiz! Is there someone in your life that you wish you could leave for good, but for some reason you never follow through? Has your health, happiness and wellbeing suffered as a result of being involved with this person? Does your significant other treat you nicely when they want something, and then treatContinue reading “Are you dealing with a Narcissist?”

“Uh hoh. It’s happening again. How could this be happening again? Try to breath. Who cares about breathing? I don’t care about anything but him. Why is he doing this? I feel like I’m going nuts. Nuts isn’t the word there is no word to describe it because it doesn’t matter.. all that matters isContinue reading

Who’s the crazy one?

It happens all the TIME in narcissistic relationships. Narcissists violate boundaries, you get mad, and they attack you for bringing it to their attention. It’s CRAZY making and horrible, and you will start to doubt yourself. Credible people with integrity and healthy inner resources listen, respect and care, and apologise if there is an oversight.Continue reading “Who’s the crazy one?”