3 Ways Narcissists Consume Your Cooperation (Which Leads to Your Exploitation)

Originally posted on Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed:
You live by the Golden Rule, treating others as you’d like to be treated. You take criticism to heart, reflecting on how your words and actions might affect other people. You are highly empathic, having the ability to sense the emotions of others and respond instinctively…

Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Love Me? 

You’ve been dating for a while. When you first met, everything you’ve ever wanted a man you thought you found. As time goes by, however, things start to change. He doesn’t act like he used to, and things start to get confusing. Fights he’s clearly responsible for somehow get turned around on you. You feelContinue reading “Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Love Me? “

The Secret to Getting Over the Narcissist For Good

You can’t sleep. You lie in bed all night worrying, stressing, agonizing over what he is going to put you through next. You do know one thing for sure, as long as he is still mine, that’s all that matters. Even though he has made you completely miserable for days, weeks, even years, you cannotContinue reading “The Secret to Getting Over the Narcissist For Good”