Abuse is Not a Life Sentence

a Post by Melanie Tonia Evans: Has anyone told you that it’s most likely going to take you many years to recover from an abusive relationship? Back in 2007 after finally ending the relationship with my narcissistic husband I was very close to giving up. I was broke, weighed 38 kg and felt totally heartbroken.Continue reading “Abuse is Not a Life Sentence”

A Letter From the Narcissist

Hey everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with a narcissist in my life, the point of my blog is to get anyone who is in the situation I once was in OUT. I received this letter a few years back (and MANY others like this) and thought it could beContinue reading “A Letter From the Narcissist”

Can a Narcissist Be Cured?

Mel quoted me here at the end! This video has so much great information for anyone dealing with narcissists. By Melanie Tonia Evans

10 Signs Your Dating a Narcissist

Do you ever feel like your relationship is spinning out of control and the only person that sees it is you? Or you feel completely trapped by your significant other but can’t really put your finger on why? You might be dealing with a narcissist. Here are 10 warning signs that you may have slipped intoContinue reading “10 Signs Your Dating a Narcissist”

How Do We Decide to Heal?

  Use this link to go to Melanie Tonia Evans Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program All the best! xo Christine

3 Keys To Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse – Melanie Tonia Evans

  Melanie Tonia Evans Wrote: “A Thriver’s Journey is one where we stopped looking for love in all the wrong places. We stop looking for others to grant us love, acceptance and approval … or the fun, experiences and happiness that we weren’t generating directly within ourselves and with life. This was one of theContinue reading “3 Keys To Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse – Melanie Tonia Evans”

Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Love Me? 

You’ve been dating for a while. When you first met, everything you’ve ever wanted a man you thought you found. As time goes by, however, things start to change. He doesn’t act like he used to, and things start to get confusing. Fights he’s clearly responsible for somehow get turned around on you. You feelContinue reading “Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Love Me? “

The Secret to Getting Over the Narcissist For Good

You can’t sleep. You lie in bed all night worrying, stressing, agonizing over what he is going to put you through next. You do know one thing for sure, as long as he is still mine, that’s all that matters. Even though he has made you completely miserable for days, weeks, even years, you cannotContinue reading “The Secret to Getting Over the Narcissist For Good”